You can visit The Thorvaldsen Collection at Nysø the year around by appointment, and guided tours can also be booked.
Contact on telephone +45 22 84 62 66.

Opening season 2024


April 5th. to September 29 th.


Opening hours in the season

Sundays 11-16

Entrance to the Museum

Adult: 60 kr.

Children and young people up to and including 18 years: Free entrance.


Entrance to The Garden of Nysø 

You are welcome to visit the Garden of Nysø. For entrance to the Garden you buy another ticket. You can pay with cash in the mailbox near the entrance to the garden. When the Museum is open you can also buy the ticket to the garden in the museum.   

Adult: 15 kr. 

Children up tp 12 years: Free entrance.


Please notice that the Manor of Nysø and Thorvaldsen's studio in the garden is in private residence and not open for visitors.



In the Museum you can pay by cash (we prefer the danish valuta kroner) or by the danish mobile solution MobilePay.

You can not pay by creditcards.

For entrance to the garden of Nysø you put DKK 15,00 (for each person) in the mailbox at the entrance to the garden. When the Museum is open you can buy a ticket to the garden of Nysø in the Museum.  



You find our toilet by the entrance to The Office (look outside for "Godskontor"). At the end of the corridor you find our toilet.  


Contact us

Tel .: + 45 22 84 62 66 (guide Anne Mette Liedecke Dall)

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Guided tours

You can book guided tours for larger or smaller groups all year round. On our guided tours, you get closer to history when one of our experienced tour guides tells about Thorvaldsen's art and time with the Stampe family on Nysø.

You have the opportunity to combine the tour of the museum with a garden walk. Here you also get a more thorough history of the manor Nysø, the original baroque garden and Christine and Henrik Stampe's garden. In addition, you get the story of those of the great personalities of the golden age who also came here in the golden age together with Thorvaldsen, including H.C. Andersen, who among other things found inspiration for fairy tales such as "The Nightingale" and "Ole Lukøje", N.F.S. Grundtvig, Adam Oehlenschläger and B.S. Ingemann.

Guided tour of the museum (1 hour): DKK 600 + DKK 60 per guest
Guided tour + garden walk (1.5 hours): DKK 800 + DKK 75 per guest

There can basically be 20 people per tour. If you have more, contact our tour museum assistent, Anne Mette, and hear how your visit can be organized. 

Anne Mette can be contacted on telephone + 45 22 84 62 66 og


The museum shop

In the museum shop you can easily find your next hostess gift or treat yourself to a memory from you visit. We have a small cast with Thorvaldsen's self-portrait, books, posters, postcards and merchandise, all of which relate to the story of Thorvaldsen, the golden age, manor culture and the circle of people around the Stampe family.

We also have golden age coffee and tea in the shop. Our Golden Age coffee is whole fine arabica beans from Latin America; the new coffee district of the golden age. The coffee bag comes with a little story (danish) from Thorvaldsen's 70th birthday, which he celebrated on Nysø. Our Golden Age tea is a pure large-leaved Indian Assam tea, which was highly modern and served on the mansions from the 1840s. With the tea bag follows a little story (danish) about when H.C. Andersen once was invited to tea at Nysø Manor.

The coffee and tea bags are obvious hostess gifts.

Delivery throughout the country. Order on tel. +45 22 84 62 66 or at

Golden Age coffee (250 g): DKK 50.
Golden Age tea (100 g): DKK 45.


Find your way

Thorvaldsen Collection on Nysø
Nysøvej 5
4720 Præstø



Parking for cars and buses on Nysøvej. Go from here to the estate's yellow entrance gate - the museum is located on the left in the estate's eastern cavalier wing (closest to the garden). It is not allowed to park in the estate's barn.



Lines 661R and 102A run from Vordingborg to Præstø St. (Havnevej).
Line 620R runs from Næstved to Præstø St. (Havnevej).
From Præstø St. (Havnevej) there are approx. 15 minutes walk to the museum.